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Time to engage in
consumer relationships:
Convenient. Emotional. Connected.

Today, consumer relationships are with online retailers and social communities. With SIMPI, you can take over the steering wheel. Explore the all-new How-To platform as your entry gate.

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Take control of your brand - connect with your customers.

Various social and video channels explain how to use your product? Do your online retailer partners engage in consumer feedback and reviews? Product instructions of yesterday trigger both bad experiences and out-of-control social content. With SIMPI, your customers' experience loop stays whole and connected to your brand. The instructions, HOW TOs, and recommendations on what works well with their new products, come directly from you:

Feedback, ratings, and possible upsells are triggered and controlled by you instead of an influencer or third party marketplace leading you to competitors. 

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With SIMPI you create memorable moments and regain control!

SIMPI is your entry gate to leveraging consumer relationships. Deliver simple and all-convenient SIMPI How-To’s as part of any product and regain control of social content, recommendations and product feedback. Interact with the consumer community, get to know product fans and turn user generated content into brand value. Truly utilize all the opportunities of the digital world we are in.

Hit the sweet spot of the smartphone generation.

Create a true product experience by delivering How-To’s in a way consumers would expect in these days: Simple, convenient, interactive. Be the first to collect feedback and help consumers to utilize the product best. Create emotional, memorable moments, fostering the value of your love brand.

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Think and act in

Consumers value direct brand relationships. Build on this trend to create genuine consumer relationships along the product lifecycle. Consistently add value to gain trust and loyalty. Turn anonymous consumers into product fans and create a product community around your brand. Invite consumers to add product How-to’s that further push the value of your brand and product.

Be part of the game,
take over control.

Social communities, online videos and support forums might be a bad thing when you are not part of the game. As a SIMPI brand partner, you benefit from direct access to the SIMPI community. Whenever there is an interaction regarding your brand, you will know - be it feedback, ratings, questions or SIMPIs published by product fans.

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Upgrade your competitive edge. Get insights you never had.

There’s a lot of data aggregated up until the purchase: How did consumers find you, which channel did they use, when did they buy etc. After the purchase this data stream dries out. SIMPI allows capturing consumer data over the complete product lifecycle: from the point of sales until the end of the product lifetime. Data privacy remains in the control of the consumer.

Your way to SIMPI:

SIMPI.360 is your cloud-based software suite with access to

the SIMPI platform.



Build demand-specific storyboards, easily create and enhance How-To content yourself or work with an agency.


Collect consumer feedback and directly engage in Q&A discussions. Engage in continuous improvements.


Reach out to your community, identify product fans and instantly engage in advice and tips along the product life cycle.


Add a SIMPI QR code on the product package and post SIMPI links in social media campaigns or support tickets.


Review published SIMPIs, centrally check and endorse consumer content and improve your brand SIMPIs in real time.


Gain access to product usage data, dive into category-related benchmarks, helping to shape your product strategy.


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