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The all in one HOW TO tool for Amazon Sellers for digital Manuals & HOW TOs

Boost Customer Experience to accelerate your growth on Amazon

Discover the potential of easily creating digital, interactive Manuals & HOW TOs to make customers happy, boost your Amazon reviews, and get ahead of the competition.


The customer experience does not end once you have made the sale. It has just begun.

Try the all in one HOW TO tool for sellers

SIMPI increases Vendor & Seller success on Amazon

The SIMPI platform gives you the right tools to positively impact your customers' experience to boost your reviews and sales on Amazon.

/  Forget tedious paper manuals & instructions

/  Simply create step by step digital, interactive HOW-TOs

/  Include Upsell and Recommendations to complimentary products from your own shop within the

/  Place a QR code on your packaging, inside the packaging, on your website or whatever other creative ways you have.

/  Have your consumers scan the QR code to watch the easy guidelines you have created directly in their phone – no app needs to be installed by
the consumers

Our Offering for Sellers – SIMPI App & additionally bookable services

/  Unlimited seats           /  QR code generator            /  Localization & text to speech           /  Mobile ready


Build demand-specific storyboards, easily create and enhance How-To content yourself or work with an agency.


Reach out to your community, identify product fans and instantly engage in advice and tips along the product life cycle.


Review published SIMPIs, centrally check and endorse consumer content and improve your brand SIMPIs in real time.


Add a SIMPI QR code on the product package and post SIMPI links in social media campaigns or support tickets.


Collect consumer feedback and directly engage in Q&A discussions. Engage in continuous improvements.


Gain access to product usage data, dive into category-related benchmarks, helping to shape your product strategy.

Book additional services:



We get you started with SIMPI in case you would like to have guidance on best practices etc.



We can help you integrate SIMPI into your marketing processes

Content Production


We got your back. From highly professional Advertisements to User Generated Content, we have a wide network to meet your needs.

Amazon Seller Pricing

Get ahead of the curve while profiting from our exclusive pricing offer for Amazon Sellers only.

Amount of SIMPIs

SIMPI creation via app

SIMPI 360 access

QR Code generator

Customized QR Codes

Text to speech


White Labeling

FREE  trial



€ 30 / mo 


€ 50 / mo 


€ 100 / mo 

unlimited with app

always free

6 months

15 / mo

30 / mo

6 months

6 months

60 / mo

Why invest into your customer’s post sale experience?

If your customers are unhappy with the product regardless of if it is simply not a good match or they just don’t understand it.

Toxic reviews, low star ratings and dislikes which  damage a brand’s reputation for months.

Product conversations happen on YouTube, Meta and Amazon.
This is the data that’s needed to build loyalty, improve products and sell directly. This data should give you insights.

Brands that ignore CX will decline
Brands that get their customer experience right create customer loyalty and more online sales.

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