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Easy-to-use, browser based SIMPI creation tool. Get started for free and preview you SIMPI How-To's.


/ App based

/ Unlimited SIMPIs

/ Asset export

/ Free library of stickers

/ Created with SIMPI banner

/ Community support

No app installation

No credit card required


For product sellers and small businesses looking for the best way to create and publish SIMPIs online.




Typically sufficient for xx SIMPIs

/ SIMPI 360 fully featured editor

/ Publish to web and social media channels

/ Asset import & export

/ Free library of stickers

/ Custom branding

/ Auto language translation

/ Q & A forum

/ Community support

Save €100 a year

with a yearly premium subscription plan for €860


For companies and agencies that need additional control and custom solutions for their products and business.




Typically sufficient for xx SIMPIs

/ Everything in seller

/ Branded SIMPI viewer

/ White labeled QR codes

/ Analytics and Insights

/ Community control, pro-active notifications

/ Brand approved certification

/ (DAM) integration

/ API access

/ Dedicated success manager

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