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The simplest way to explain how products work

SIMPI is a platform that empowers brands to actively engage consumers in unlocking the full potential of their products.

SIMPI ushers in a new era of product guidance that's accessible, eco-friendly, and tailored to the modern consumer's needs.

  • Easily create intuitive product instructions (how-to's)

  • Use the editing tools on the SIMPI platform and deploy with one click

  • Delight your customers with instant and intuitive product guidance directly on the product, your support site or web shop

Say goodbye to complicated user manuals, expensive videos and frustrated customers

The SIMPI difference

No one ever liked user manuals - and is it really effective to have the community explain how your product works? SIMPI changes what is broken since a long time.


paper-based instructions


an interactive, all digital format 


negative reviews from frustrated customers.


5-star ratings and glowing testimonials.


expensive video production 


 agency and self-service creation.


 competitive social media platforms


a brand exclusive, white labeled platform.

How SIMPI works

Capture every how-to step as images and video snippets

Upload the captured how-to steps to the SIMPI.360 web application

Arrange all steps in the preferred sequence, add text and highlights

Set target languages to create translations and voice overs 

Set deployment options, and share your SIMPIs on a branded landing page 

Professional Business Solutions

For Product Management
SIMPI empowers you to easily create and manage all your product how-to guides, creating a seamless and engaging experience for your customers.

For Support Teams
SIMPI simplifies the swift generation of how-to guidance, effectively tackling both new and recurring customer issues, while seamlessly integrating with your support tools and ticketing systems.

For Training Departments
SIMPI adds how-to information to your training curriculums or is available as micro learnings at the point of need.

A new digital format for how-to content

We analysed hundreds of product how-to’s in different formats. Among them were videos, instruction manuals, quick start guides to create a digital format that caters to the optimal user experience. The result was the SIMPI format for digital how-to’s. 


Swipe through simple steps, go back, repeat or stop anytime.


Enjoy real pictures, video-snippets and in-screen features.


Read supporting information in your own language.


Use either App or Web, on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Reach out to the brand support or the SIMPI community

Up to date

Benefit from instant brand updates and latest community advises

Your product has gotten too complicated?
Not if a SIMPI is available

Typical Use Cases

Medical & Health

Helping care givers and patients with the right information when it matters most.

Consumer Products

Creating an elevated customer experience and increasing the life time value of the product for  customers.

Repair Instructions

Letting brands create repair instructions to stay compliant with the emerging right to repair legislation.

Customer Support

Enabling service specialists to capture and share their know-how to quichly answer  customers requests.

Small brands & sellers 

To effectively demonstrate the benefits of their products and ensure top ratings and buyer feedback.


Spreading the know-how of a few to the many for help and self-sufficiency.

There was no way to operate this light without instructions. Thankfully, there was a SIMPI QR code. Turns out it's not difficult at all - you only need someone that tells you how it’s done.

Windswept Hair

- Linda

SIMPI interactive use cases

Questions? Answers.

Who creates the SIMPI content?

SIMPI offers a complete package with intuitive creation tools and a scalable platform for delivery. Brands either create SIMPI how-to's themselves or receive support from our agencies.

We have an app, a webshop, a loyalty prog etc.

Excellent, as existing programs can greatly benefit from the integration of SIMPIs in a straightforward manner. Our platform offers various ways to seamlessly integrate into your infrastructure and apps.

Why are SIMPIs better than Social Video plattforms?

The SIMPI format is optimized for how-to content from production to delivery and offers features that videos cannot provide. With SIMPI, you maintain control over the customer experience - both before and after the sale – no ads, no competition, no unwanted comments.

How does SIMPI reduce media production costs?

SIMPIs are based on step-by-step video clips and images. Capturing these steps is much more efficient than recording a continuous video. Content changes and updates are made directly by the product management team or fully automated, such as localization.

What does SIMPI cost?

Our corporate pricing consists of a base fee and a price based on the number of SIMPIs created, which are offered in packages – regardless of the number of employees creating SIMPIs.

Do I or our customers need to install an app?

No, you don't. SIMPIs run directly in the browser of mobile phones, tablets, desktops, or devices. No installation or registration is required.

Can the platform be branded?

SIMPI is 'white-label' and can be customized to match your corporate design.

Who owns the content?

All rights related to SIMPI content remain with the brand.

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