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Instructions made for today:
Simple. Fun. Connected.

Get your new products set up easily, without ever touching a confusing user manual or running through a 20 min online video. Explore the all-new and all-convenient format for How-To’s


We just call it SIMPI.

Easily understand HOW TO anything by simply scanning a QR code

SIMPIFY your life! With easy to follow SIMPI How-To’s!

We created SIMPI so you can get your favourite products up and running as easy as possible! Scan the QR code on your new product, swipe through step-by-step SIMPI How-To’s and learn how to set-up, maintain and do cool new things with your products.

Reach out to the SIMPI community for help, or go straight to your favourite brands and get answers to your questions. Experience How-To’s just like you would expect it to be these days.

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From now on you will enjoy instructions.

Manuals are product-focused, SIMPIs are built for your specific demand. Just grab your smartphone or tablet, scan the QR Code and learn what to do step-by-step. Enjoy real pictures, video-snippets, surrounded by text in your language and emoji-like icons.

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Easily create and share your own SIMPIs.

You want to tell your best friend, HOW-TO do things? Then just create your own private SIMPI in seconds and share it with others. Benefit from community SIMPIs, published by product fans, your experts from the neighborhood.

What is a SIMPI all about?

SIMPI is the all-new, convenient format for instructions, manuals and How-To’s.


Swipe through simple steps, go back, repeat or stop anytime.


Read supporting information in your own language.


Reach out to the brand support or the SIMPI community


Enjoy real pictures, video-snippets and in-screen features.


Use either App or Web, on any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Up to date

Benefit from instant brand updates and latest community advises

We proudly present: The creators of SIMPIs!

SIMPI is an open platform, creating a true How-To community.

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Your Favourite Brands

We partner with brands you love who have their own SIMPI space where they share official How-To’s with you.

Fashion Vlogger

Community Product Fans

Get updated advice and How-To’s from SIMPI product experts who love sharing their top tips.

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Help others by sharing your knowledge with them. Create your own SIMPI and share it with your friends, family and the SIMPI community.

This HOW TO saved me hours of time figuring out how to attach the case. Even for a simple step as this, it’s not always clear, HOW TO do something. Thank you SIMPI.

Happy Old Man

- Jürgen

SIMPI interactive use cases

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