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About Us

SIMPI has set out to revolutionize how people create and consume HOW TOs. We are pioneering a movement. One in which brands can share their best practices in a simple, digestible, and engaging way, for everyone to have a frictionless experience. Our approach is supported by a set of fundamental principles and values that support this:

Simple. Fun. Connected.

SIMPI is not a
QR code

SIMPI is not a QR code or a TikTok like app, we are the light at the end of a tunnel, igniting the creativity within people who want to use their time more efficiently than dealing with complex manuals and lengthy videos.

We provide tools and are building a community
to make this happen. 

With easy-to-use templates, gimmicks, and built-in localization and voiceovers anyone can create and consume HOW TOs around the globe.

We enable brands to engage with their customers

We are enabling businesses to create visual content at low cost while reaching millions of people and winning their trust.

Soon, when assembling your new bike, trying to figure out what the error message on your espresso machine is trying to tell you or simply when looking for creative ways on how to make good use of your new lipstick, you will be asking:

"¿Where is the SIMPI?"

Join our movement to build a new way of connecting, sharing, and consuming knowledge through igniting experiences.

SIMPI Behind the scenes!

Meet the founder of SIMPI

CEO founder image

Jochen     |

Jochen initially had the idea to create SIMPI after rebuilding his house and purchasing several electronic and non-electronic products, going through a trauma-like period of deep troubles, triggered by bad manuals and endless online searches. Since building know-how sharing platforms for B2B companies over years, he created the idea of a consumer-related How-To platform. Having a strong sense for transformation trends and the will to contribute to a better society, he decided to officially found SIMPI.

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