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Helping your customers get the best out of your technology - even when you’re not there

SIMPI is a platform for medical technology companies that want to help caregivers and patients unlock the full potential of their investment by providing direct access to product expertise when it matters most.


In times of high staff turnover, strict compliance demands, and busy schedules, caregivers, and patients can easily get overwhelmed by your product's opportunities and innovation.

Is Your Customer:

Using all the benefits of your product to their maximum?

Promoting you to their peers?

Happy with your after-sales education and support?

Buying upgrades and add-ons and wanting more?

SIMPI offers step by step guidance at the point of need, and continuously over time, to ensure your product is having the impact it was always designed to have.

How SIMPI works

Use Cases




New caregiver onboarding


Advanced features refresher


Guidance for home healthcare

The SIMPI Difference

In medtech, it’s difficult to keep up with the training demands of a complex healthcare environment. SIMPI provides a more direct access to your product expertise, even when you’re not there.


Paper-based user manuals  on the shelf


Instructions in a progressive web app at the point of need 


Frustrated customers waiting for support


Happy end-users directly accessing information  


Forgotten innovations, never used


In context refreshers for advanced applications


Static online trainings viewed from a PC


Dynamic “ how-to” micro learnings  in your customers hands

End-users having an actionable understanding of the benefits your technology provides, is crucial for effective healthcare delivery. 

Questions? Answers.

How is SIMPI different from a user manual or online training?

SIMPI gives end-users access to easily digestible micro-learning type content , at the point of need and continually over time. This allows your end-user to find the exact information they need, exactly where and when they need it, and provides ongoing support for further education and onboarding

Who creates the SIMPI content?

You can or we can. It’s your choice. Simpi is packed with intuitive and easy to use creation tools for individuals and companies to create their own how-to content. If you prefer, Simpi’s team of learning experts and designers can also take on the entire content creation process or provide customised support.

Can the platform be branded?

Yes. The Simpi platform can be branded under your company name. SIMPI is white label and can be customised to match your corporate design.

Who owns the content?

You do. All rights related to the SIMPI content remain with your company, regardless if the company or SIMPI has created the content.

How is content regulatory approved?

Content is taken from your existing regulatory approved sources such as user manuals. Any additional regulatory or legal approvals required is the responsibility of your company.

How is content kept-up to date?

You can update the master content of your company’s SIMPIs as often as you need to. Once the content is updated, it’s immediately published and accessible to your end-users.

Do I or our customers need to install an app?

No. Your customers securely access content directly from the browsers of mobile phones, desktops and other devices. No end-user installation or registration is required.

What about cybersecurity?

SIMPI does not track or record personal or patient data. Security mechanisms will be adapted to your individual needs.

How scalable is the SIMPI platform?

SIMPI is completely scalable There are no restrictions on the number of How-to content which the platform can host and no limits on number of creators or number of users.

What does SIMPI cost?

SIMPI pricing consists of a base fee for set up together with a variable package fee depending on the number of SIMPI How tos which are created There is no restriction on the amount of people creating SIMPIs within on brand and no fee based licenses required for users to access your content. There is a maintenance fee built into the price which allows you to do a number of updates to your content over the course of the contract.

Can I trial the SIMPI platform?

Yes. We would be happy to run a short pilot for you. Request trial through the contact form.

Your Medtech Partner

sarah portrait

Sarah Morton     |    Medtech Category Leader, SIMPI

Sarah has over 25 years' experience in the healthcare industry. A former Philips employee, she held a variety of global and regional leadership positions from Marketing strategy, engagement and communications to sales excellence and customer education . Sarah is a passionate advocate for excellence in the customer experience.
In her free time Sarah is a keen creative writer and an amateur but enthusiastic stand-up comedian 

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