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Compelling product guides that drive purchasing decisions

Easily create and deploy product guides for e-commerce marketplaces using one AI-powered platform. 

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Too many similar products and too much competition, make it difficult for vendors and sellers to stand out on marketplaces. Guide potential buyers to make them understand (the value of) your product before they move on or come back to leave negative reviews.

SIMPI product guides

SIMPI product guides are engaging step-by-step instructions that guide customers through the setup and use of your product.

SIMPIs run in every browser, are auto translated and easily kept up-to-date.

Brands either create SIMPI product guides  themselves, using the AI-powered SIMPI platform, or have them created by our network of SIMPI agencies.

How SIMPI can help


Differentiate through value-added content


Stay in control of the customer experience


Increase brand awareness over multiple channels

SIMPI creates  a consistent customer experience 
at every touchpoint

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Convince buyers instantly by demonstrating  product values and application.

surprise in a present box for holiday or birthday


Provide a 5-star customer experience to keep buyers connected to your brand.

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Avoid customer frustration by missing or complicated instructions.

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Ensure that buyers receive the full product value over the product lifetime

Every touch point with your brand is a potential commerce moment.

Choose the collaboration model that best fits your needs
SIMPI Full-Service

Let us handle everything from start to finish

  • End-to-End Service: We take care of the entire process, including taking professional pictures and videos of your products.

  • Perfect Product Instructions: Our team of experts creates high-quality, intuitive product instructions tailored to your brand.

  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate these instructions into your Amazon listings and other customer touchpoints.

SIMPI Self-Service Platform

Empower your team to create product instructions with our intuitive platform

  • DIY Product Instruction Creation: Use the SIMPI app/platform to create, manage, and deploy your own product instructions.

  • Comprehensive Tools: Access a suite of tools designed for creating high-quality, user-friendly instructions without needing media expertise.

  • Support and Resources: Benefit from our extensive library of resources and customer support to help you every step of the way.

Questions? Answers.

How is SIMPI different from a user manual?

Who creates the SIMPI content?

SIMPIs are easy accessible, actionable and engaging product instructions. They cover the basic operating instructions that customers need to understand to get the full value of the product. SIMPIs do not replace the user manual which is legally required in most markets.

You can or we can. It’s your choice. SIMPI provides intuitive and easy-to-use creation tools for individuals and companies to create their own how-to content. If you prefer, SIMPI’s agency network can also take on the entire content creation process or provide custom support.

What about data privacy?

SIMPI does not track or record personal data. SIMPI is GDPR compliant with all content hosted in Europe.

Can the platform be branded?

Yes. The SIMPI platform can be branded under your company name, ensuring your product guides maintain your brand presence. This is crucial for Amazon sellers looking to promote their brand.

Who owns the content?

You do. All rights related to the SIMPI content remain with you , regardless of who created it.

What does SIMPI cost?

SIMPI pricing consists of a monthly license fee that comprises everything from content editor to AI-based featues and cloud hosting. The fee depends on the number of SIMPIs that you publish. There is no restriction on the number of people creating SIMPIs within a brand.

Do I or our customers need to install an app?

No. Your customers securely access content directly from the browsers of mobile devices or desktops. No app installation or registration is required.

How is content kept-up to date?

SIMPI makes it easy to keep your product guides up to date. Exchanging media, improving text or adding a link is done in a few clicks. Efficiently keeping content current helps Amazon sellers to reduce maintenance cost and ensures a consistent customer experience.

How scalable is the SIMPI platform?

SIMPI is designed to be fully scalable, ensuring that there are no restrictions on the number of product guides, product instructions, or product how-to content that the platform can host. Whether you are an individual Amazon seller or a large enterprise, SIMPI can accommodate your needs without any limitations on the number of creators or users. This scalability allows you to continuously expand your content library, enhance your Amazon product listings, and provide comprehensive product explanations to your customers. With SIMPI, you can confidently grow your e-commerce business, knowing that our platform will support your increasing demands seamlessly and efficiently.

Can I trial the SIMPI platform?

Yes. We would be happy to run a short pilot for you. Request trial through the contact form.

What are the benefits of using SIMPI for Amazon sellers?

SIMPI helps Amazon sellers create clear and interactive product guides and product instructions, which can be published directly on your Amazon product listings. This enhances product explanations and demonstrates product values, leading to increased positive reviews and higher customer satisfaction. By providing easy-to-follow digital product manuals, you can reduce return shipments and support issues.

What support does SIMPI offer for creating product guides?

SIMPI offers both a full-service solution and a self-service platform. With our full-service solution, we handle everything from taking professional pictures and videos of your products to creating high-quality, intuitive product instructions. For those who prefer to create their own content, our self-service platform provides comprehensive tools and resources to help you create and manage your product guides effectively. This flexibility ensures that Amazon sellers have the support they need to enhance their product listings and improve customer satisfaction.

How does SIMPI improve customer engagement?

SIMPI allows you to push your product guides through social media campaigns and branded product pages, linking buyers back to the Amazon marketplace. This increases inbound traffic and provides a consistent customer experience at every touchpoint, from product research to product use. Engaging customers with interactive product how-tos and step-by-step instructions fosters loyalty and enhances your brand presence.

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